MEPtrix is an industry standard 3D HVAC fabrication drafting add-in for AutoCAD 2013-2019 (64-bit and 32-bit).

The software automates the modelling process for air-conditioning systems within AutoCAD.

It bridges the gap between design and detail by applying BIM (Building Information Modelling) structures to ductwork to identify issues before they become ‘real world’ problems.

High quality 2D drawings produced from the 3D model are what set MEPtrix ahead of its competitors. Not only is the quality far superior, MEPtrix produces detailed 2D drawings and 3D models far more quickly than any product currently on the market.

Its highly detailed 2D drawings are professional in presentation, easy to read and unambiguous to avoid costly errors and on-site mismatches during fabrication and installation.

Unlike other building services packages on the market, MEPtrix requires minimal training as it has been built specifically for use with AutoCAD.

We work closely with our users to continually refine and customise MEPtrix to ensure it meets the ever-evolving demands of today’s HVAC drafter.